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Simpson Leather

Stitched | Pocket Size Full Grain Leather Traveler's Notebook | *Pick your Leather Finish* | Leather Journal Cover

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This Stitched, Pocket Traveler's Notebook is a 100% hand crafted vegetable-tanned leather journal cover. It is made to order in the leather of your choice.

Take a scroll through the pictures in the listing to view our current leather finishes. For even more details, view the Leather Finish video on our Shop's Homepage.

This cover is embellished with a border of stitching. Machine stitched in white (270 ct) polyester thread, it offers contrast and flair.


This Stitched Pocket TN measures 6" x 8.25" when open flat.
Recommended inserts are Field Notes, Moleskines, or a comparable 3" x 5.5" insert.

Each cover holds 3-4 inserts comfortably and is strung with 4 interior lengths of elastic.
Please leave us a NOTE with your elastic cord Color Request. (see picture for color options)
If no color is requested, black or brown will be used.

If you would like a Pocket Plus (5 or more strings), please request your specifications in a NOTE and we will make necessary adjustments.


Our leather is procured from North American tanneries, specializing in vegetable tanning, the most environmentally safe method of tanning.

Full-grain leather is the most premium and durable cut one can buy. It is far superior to bonded, genuine, and top grain leather. Unique markings and scars on the full-grain hides make this highly sought-after leather. Finally, fibers in full grain hides run more vertically, resulting in superior strength for each piece.


We utilize thicker weights (6-7 oz. and 9-10 oz. ) of leather than many other makers. Our leathers are a mix between flexible and firm, leaning toward firm.

Your cover will gain a rich patina which betters with age. The scuffs and dents along the way only serve to tell the story of the places you've been. We are proud to offer Journals for Life.


Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather


We have a variety of sizes. Check out our menus for the size you are looking for.

Care information

Your journal will come packed in a cotton bag which you can use to protect your cover from scratches and pen marks. We recommend conditioning it occasionally with Smith's Leather Balm, found in our Mercantile section.

Custom Made

Click here to see the variety of small journals we offer. We can do custom covers as well.

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