Become a Stockist

If you are a business owner interested in stocking Simpson Leather products in your brick and mortar store, please reach out using the contact form below.

We offer a Stockist Bundle which includes:

  • 10 of our small and mid-sized full grain leather Journal Covers
  • 5-7 packs of Field Notes Inserts (sold separately from Covers)
  • A variety of 12 leather accessories: bracelets, jewelry, and keychains 
  • 5 artisan leather Skillet Handles
  • A cotton bag for each purchased journal
  • promotional materials.
  • Each item will be labeled and priced.

If you have requests for particular sizes, leather finishes, or specific best selling items, we are happy to accommodate.

Inventory will be managed remotely and maintained on an as-needed basis.

Commission terms will be determined on an individual basis with shop owners.

Thank you!