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Simpson Leather

BIG Natural Tan Composition Cover | Full Grain Leather Journal | Fits 7.5" x 9.5" Inserts

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Elastic Cord Color

This natural tan leather is from the Herman Oak tannery in St. Louis (oldest and one of only 2 vegetable tanneries left in the USA). It's leather in its most natural state. We lightly hand oil and wax the surface. As a result, the surface scars and marks are very pronounced making the piece appealing and unique. Herman Oak vegetable tanned leather is very sturdy and smells great! Its flesh side has been lightly sanded by hand, making a suede feel. Each journal is truly a one of a kind, requiring significant labor. It's a favorite in our household!

A 100% handmade leather journal cover.

Midori-style, Traveler's Notebook system. Perfect for your bullet journals.

This leather is thick "full grain". It's 9 to 10 oz (3.6 to 4 mm) thick to be exact! Full grain leather is much BETTER than the top grain and genuine or bonded leather. Full grain is the most expensive and durable cut you can buy. It's the only cut that contains unique markings and scars, making it highly sought after. Full grain fibers run more vertical, resulting in superior strength and perhaps will hold up for a 100 years of use if properly maintained.

To understand our finishing process:
- We case the leather to give the journal its shape.
- We carefully punch holes for the binding. Please specify if you would like space for journals larger than 1/4" thickness.
- We trim and burnish the edges by hand, compressing and binding the leather fibers.
- We apply a quality edge finish that gives long lasting protection and a smooth feel.
- We hand sew the strong elastic cord and properly tension it.
- We laser engrave (when applicable)
- We package your journal in a nice cotton drawstring bag and ship it in a right-sized box.

Often times, journal makers won't use thick leather like ours, because it requires these extra steps. But once you get a hold of our thick leather journal that's well formed and finished, you'll never go back to flimsy covers that only last a year or two.

Dimensions (BIG):

Designed to hold 3 notebooks: 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" notebook inserts (inserts NOT included).

The journal cover is a shell to hold your exchangeable inserts. Start a little library of your life and let our covers hold your dailies.


Hand-made in Northwest Ohio, only from material sourced in the USA.We offer add-on accessories and upgrades to our Traveler's Notebooks.

Consider our Custom Engraving upgrade or perhaps a pen loop and or stitching. See our accessory section to add these to your order.


Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather


We have a variety of sizes. Check out our menus for the size you are looking for.

Care information

Your journal will come packed in a cotton bag which you can use to protect your cover from scratches and pen marks. We recommend conditioning it occasionally with Smith's Leather Balm, found in our Mercantile section.

Custom Made

Click here to see the variety of small journals we offer. We can do custom covers as well.

Small Journals